Search, Quest and Freedom


I was on my way back sitting in the cab with a similar gesture as the characters from the pic , in a pensive mood, post mid-night after catching the 11:35 p.m. show of Vikas Bhal’s Queen starring Kangana Ranaut. I’d been seriously chewing on a correlation that the movie I had just seen had with another movie that I saw a week earlier – Imtiaz Ali’s Highway starring Alia Bhatt and also with a third movie from two years back – Brave, an unconventional Pixar product. I couldn’t wait to get back to my laptop to compile pics from the three movies to work on that connection further. Finally when google search gave me these three pictures in a common pose, I had this tinge of reassurance about my thoughts.  At around 2 A.M. compiling them felt like a last minute work assignment.

These movies constitute to a “Life Breaks Free” scenario that stimulates the searching mind of these lead characters, driving them to go on a journey to attain the freedom they define, inner peace and to rediscover themselves.

Merida from Brave is a princess who has a clear vision about her Freedom with the affordability to explore her options to get there, given she’s a  princess sans some house rules that are waiting to be broken. A mysterious quest opens before her when she is all set to seize her inner freedom, which starts with calling off her wedding to a suitable prince that is something so important when it comes to her status. In the end, her freedom re-writes the concept of a ” Princess” making  the whole kingdom break traditions, stressing on the importance of passion and purpose in one’s life, especially a leader. Rani from Queen notably has some physical traits in common with Merida, for eg., the basic figure, hair makeover, the voice texture. I felt she would perfectly fit the bill for a  Merida in a non-animation backdrop ( with the name “Rani” and all that).  Rani initiates a casual solo journey when her wedding gets canceled because of the groom. She starts out not reaching for her freedom exactly, but to breathe in some clarity. What was initially planned to be a short de-stress trip becomes a travel saga of her mind liberating from her own taboos, giving her a new perspective and bringing the true Rani out. Rani is seen wearing an “Alice in Wonderland” t-shirt in a scene that again, gells very well with Merida’s magical journey of transformation. Veera is the “Naadan Parinda” from Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar who gets back home (what she calls home) finally in Highway. It is an unexpected and flabbergasting journey that she bumps into with no clue on how she is on that, where it is taking her and how it is all gonna end. This tale also involves the episode of a groom waiting to get dumped at the start and getting dumped in the end for good. The impromptu trip which Veera gets forced into takes her to her soul, feeling her real self, a mode which I would call as “Nirvana”.  It becomes a case of a naive bird living a caged life in its own nest finding solace and freedom in a slaughter house.

Naadhan Parindhe

These characters had this urge/craving for a search buried inside their minds that got triggered with a beautiful Journey which presented itself before them. The movies were varying in terms of intensity and angle, providing different shades of the same kind of impact.